Villa Vivendi

At Villa Vivendi we provide English immersion, homemade lunches, and excursions free of charge, along with nappies (diapers) and wet-wipes.
We have a higher staff-to-child ratio in both the nursery and the kindergarten groups, lovingly furnished rooms, a wide range of educational projects and activities and, most importantly, staff with a huge amount of patience and empathy.


Our Locations

All good things come in threes! If there is a Villa Vivendi in your neighborhood you’ll be able to see it here or alternatively visit the map at the bottom of this page. Click on the location address and it will lead you to some more detailed information about your location of interest. Have fun exploring our site!

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Our Strengths

What will a child benefit from if they gain a place at Villa Vivendi? What are the core points of our ethos and why do we have them?
You can find out about our educational ethos further down on this page.

English Immersion

In each group we have at least one native English speaker who communicates with the children exclusively in English. We provide this early exposure free of charge and you can find out why this is an important part of our ethos.

Freshly Made Food

Each kita has it’s own chef who creates daily lunches which are vitamin rich and sugar-free. The menu is devised in line with the “Fit Kid Regeln” from the German Society for Nutrition.

No Extra Costs

We find that parents are already financially stretched enough and we have made it our policy to cover the costs of care and education ourselves. Nappies (diapers), wet-wipes, excursions and other daily-life necessities are paid for by us. Additional extras are paid by only those parents who would like their children to have them.

Learning, Laughing, Living is our motto, but what exactly does it mean?

We want our children to learn as much as possible through the educational activities on offer. It is vital to learn organically without force, to best avoid boredom. At Villa Vivendi we learn through play and fun with the aim of fostering a lust for learning that will last a lifetime.

Educational Ethos



At Kita Villa Vivendi, we pride ourselves on the high quality standards placed on child care. We work diligently and continuously to uphold the quality of these standards in each of our locations. Here you can view a colourful collection of our cooperation partners, member organisations, awards and programs we participate in.

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Child protection is incredibly important to us!

At least once a year our employees take part in educational classes run by Zündfunke.

We also invite parents to attend events when applicable.

We support Plan International,

because it gives us the ability to communicate directly with our godchildren

and so we know that help arrives where it is needed.

Every Kita financially supports a girl living in the third world,

enough so that she can at least attend school.

We are customers of:

The Center of Competence, Social Economy, Educating and Coaching

and a member of the kita-community PARITÄTISCHEN Hamburg.

We are proud to be a part of this high-quality umbrella organisation

to find professional support in all matters.

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Kita & Hort: For the educational software update of our minds!

Additionally to the training programs offered by the Paritätischen the Akademie

für Kindergarten also offers training and education.

This facility also observes and monitors corporations.

Foodwatch observes and monitors corporations and politics, educates consumers

and fights for a healthy diet.

We think they deserve all of our support.

We support Foodwatch!

Another health-focused organization with particular emphasis on cancer prevention.

We participate in a support program called „Kita Plus“.

This means that we implement a concept for language development and promotion within the kita.

Any additional resources needed for this are obtained from the local authorities.

This ensures the children learn the German language successfully.

We participate in the federal program, „Sprach Kita“.

Which means we go the extra mile to support children and their parents

who are learning the German language.

Breaking down language barriers is a valuable contribution

to our society and we are proud to be a part of it.

Every year we support this great action by packing gift boxes with our kids,

for other children in need who normally wouldn’t receive anything for Christmas.

Of course the main thing is that these children receive support.

Have a look at their Website, maybe you can make a child happy too…

We want to do our part and make sure our children are protected as much as possible from cancer.

We pride ourselves on being a „Sun Protected Kita“


What we offer:


What you offer:

  • Each Kita offers a minimum of 40 hours extra support per team, on top of whats expected from the city (Teacher to Child ratio)

  • A young and humorous team, join the family!

  • Great opportunities for promotion and professional growth.

  • Visits to vacation hot-spots on our concept training days.

  • Monthly restaurant visits with the whole team, we’ll take care of the bill.

  • 2-3 high-quality training courses each year.

  • Subsidisation towards your public transport ticket.

  • Company retirement plans with Concordia Öko.

  • A completed education or study within a pedagogical field. Relevant experience is also great!

  • A respectful and friendly attitude.

  • Positive thinking.

  • A strong immune system!

  • Good written and communicative skills (English or German)

  • Tolerance towards multi-faceted differences.

  • Experience or mastery of relevant computer programs (Management)

  • One of your greatest strengths is your competence towards problem solving. (Management)

If you see these qualities in yourself, then please apply here:

Kita Voucher

Our kitas are integrated into the Hamburg Kita Voucher System and we take all 5-10 hour daily vouchers. Parents don’t need to make a financial contribution towards 5 hour vouchers. The cost of contribution to longer hour vouchers will depend on a financial assessment. You can find out about costs and how to apply:

Min. contribution

From hours per day

Max. contribution

Where are we?

Villa Vivendi has three branches: one in Altona, one in Flottbek and one in Neuestadt.

Call us to make an appointment to be shown around.

Contact Altona

AddressHolstenstraße 168

Postcode22765 Hamburg


Contact Flottbek

AddressOsdorfer weg 64

Postcode22607 Hamburg


Contact Neustadt

AddressNeanderstraße 21

Postcode20459 Hamburg