How do I get a Kita-voucher?

To make it as easy as possible to apply for a Kita-voucher, we took a few moments to make a step by step plan with integrated links on how to do so. You can of course speak with us directly when necessary and
we´ll help you to the best of our ability to get a voucher.

  • How much do I have to pay?

    This depends on how much your family earns and how many hours you want your child to be in our care per day. The maximum fee a family has to pay directly is 204 euros per month for one child. You can use the “Kita-voucher calculator” to obtain an estimation of how much you would have to pay directly to the kita.

  • What forms do I need?

    You need an: Application form your residence permit, your child’s birth certificate, your last three pay slips and a completed questionnairerelated to your income. Self employed? No worries (please click here).

  • Where do I take the paperwork?

    Every city district has a Department of Residence. Click on the following link to get details of where you should take the paperwork. “Mein Bezirksamt”.

  • I have the voucher, now what?

    When you have received the voucher in the post simply bring us one of the copies and keep one for yourself. Once the voucher is in our hands the process is complete.