Villa Vivendi

At Villa Vivendi we provide English immersion, homemade lunches, and excursions free of charge, along with nappies (diapers) and wet-wipes.
We have a higher staff-to-child ratio in both the nursery and the kindergarten groups, lovingly furnished rooms, a wide range of educational projects and activities and, most importantly, staff with a huge amount of patience and empathy.

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Our Strengths

What will a child benefit from if they gain a place at Villa Vivendi? What are the core points of our ethos and why do we have them? You can find out about our educational ethos on our ethos page.

English Immersion

In each group we have at least one native English speaker who communicates with the children exclusively in English. We provide this early exposure free of charge and you can find out why this is an important part of our ethos here:

Freshly Made Food

Each kita has it’s own chef who creates daily lunches which are vitamin rich and sugar-free. The menu is devised in line with the “Fit Kid Regeln” from the German Society for Nutrition. You can see an example of a weekly menu here:

Low costs

We find that parents are already financially stretched enough and we have made it our policy to cover the costs of care and education ourselves. Nappies (diapers), wet-wipes, excursions and other daily-life necessities are paid for by us. Additional extras are paid by only those parents who would like their children to have them.

Leaning. Laughing. Living is our motto but what does it mean exactly?

We want our children to learn as much as possible from the educational activities on offer. But it is vital to learn organically and without being forced so that it doesn’t become boring. At Villa Vivendi we learn through play and fun with the aim of fostering a lust for leaning will last a lifetime.

The Kita Voucher

Our kitas are integrated into the Hamburg Kita Voucher System and we take all 5-10 hour daily vouchers. Parents don’t need to make a financial contribution towards 5 hour vouchers. The cost of contribution to longer hour vouchers will depend on a financial assessment. You can find out about costs and how to apply *here.*

Min. contribution

and up per day

Max. contribution

Where are we?

Villa Vivendi has two branches: one in Altona and one in Bahrenfeld/Flottbek. Call us to make an appointment to be shown around.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 7:30 – 17:30

Saturday closed

Sunday closed

Contact Altona

Address Holstenstr. 168

Postcode/City22765 Hamburg

Telephone +49-40-66878615

Contact Flottbek

Address Osdorfer weg 64

Postcode/City22607 Hamburg

Telephone +49-40-85396091